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Latest news

Novità12 Dec. 2018

Visibile, invisibile in La Spezia (Italy)... più info

21 Oct. 2018

Visibile, invisibile in Pristina (Kosovo)... più info

Novità20 Oct. 2018

Wide - Ad Infinitum - Misty Lights in Budapest (Hungary)... più info

29 Sept. 2018

Sogni accelerati was premièred in Albino (Italy)... più info

June 2018

My new monographic CD "AURA" was issued by EMA Vinci Records, Italy... più info

10 June 2018

En Haut at CafèRossettiMusica 2018... read more

26 May 2018

In a green light at Milano Classica 2018... read more

23 May 2018

Broken Leaves in La Spezia, Italy... read more

20 May 2018

Broken Leaves in Lucca, Italy... read more

21 April 2018

ADS at Inaudita Festival 2018... read more

19 April 2018

ADS at the Assumption University in Bangkok... read more

April 2018

My new album AURA was issued by EMA Vinci Records... read more

25 Mar. 2018

Magnificamus te, Dei genitrix world première at Laudes Paschales Festival in Turin, Italy... read more

16 Mar. 2018

An online interview during MILANO DIGITAL WEEK 2018... read more

18 Feb. 2018

En haut world première at MaMu in Milan, Italy... read more

2-8 Dic. 2017

Super flumina Babylonis in some more Japanese locations... read more

28 Nov. 2017

Super flumina Babylonis in Tokio... read more

25 Nov. 2017

Alta marea at Area Sismica, Forlì (Italy)... read more

24 Nov. 2017

Minus in CD introduced in Rome (Italy)... read more

31 Oct. 2017

ADS at Contemporanea...mente 2017 Festival, Avellino (Italy)... read more

24 Sept. 2017

Inner Sounds at Arte sul Serio 2017, Albino (Italy)... read more

19 Sept. 2017

ADS at Risvegli di città 2017, Milan (Italy)... read more

01 Sept. 2017

Minus issued by Ema Vinci Records inside the SIAE-Classici di Oggi Project... read more

15 July 2017

Broken Leaves at Festival Onde Sonore 2017... più info

18 June 2017

One step above premièred at the RISUONANZE 2017 Festival... read more

16 June 2017

Fil Rouge premièred at the Universität für Musik und dastellende Kunst, Wien... read more

27 May 2017

Inner Sounds at the International Rotaract Festival 2017... read more

18 May 2017

L'horizon doublé prèmiered at the Casinò di Sanremo, Italy... read more

10 May 2017

ADS performed during the New MADE Week 2017... read more

19 March 2017

Nouveaux domaines premièred at 5 Giornate Festival, Milan, Italy... read more

16/18 February 2017

ADS a Bangkok (Thailandia)... read more

5 February 2017

Minus at the Spazio Schiapparelli, Milan (Italy)... read more

21 January 2017

Misty Lights will be premiéred in Brescia (Italy)... read more





Latest update: 28.01.2019_

Umberto Bombardelli's monogramWelcome!

Newest works:

Rising for two guitars. Novità

Oiseaux en hiver piccolo and E flat clarinet. Novità

My CD AURA is available!

In my website you can read and download my updated CV and follow my activity. Furthermore, you can examine the full catalogue of my works.

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Write me, please, for any further information.

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